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The CyberPoli is meant for children and youngsters with a chronical disease or for (grand)parents, guardians and experts that deal with children with a chronical disease.

The placing of advertisement or participating to the surveys without asking permission is not allowed..

NEVER make an appointment with someone to meet them in real life.

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Only for youngsters!

The CyberPoli is meant for children and youngsters with a chronical disease. Their parents are also welcome. All information, the form and the possibility to ask questions is meant for youngsters.

We therefore requests adults to only register if they are related to children with a chronical disease as a (grand)parent, guardian or professional (for example a doctor, teacher or information officer).

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How do we handle your privacy?

Your health situation is personal. To guarantee your privacy Artsen voor Kinderen has took a number of measures. We satisfy with high demands of various legislative bodies and organisations. Stichting Artsen voor Kinderen meets the law on the protection of personal data.

You can visite this website entirely anonymously. You have your own inlog code, so that no one else can see which questions you have asked and what the answers where for to those questions. The connection is secured and at default no personal details will shown on your profile.