The game rules

The regulations are there for a reason, i.e. to protect you. After all, chatting can be quite dangerous sometimes. That is why we have drawn up a number of rules:
  • On the forum, bulletin board or in chat you must never tell:
    • Your real name;
    • Your e-mail address;
    • Your home address;
    • Your telephone number.
  • Never make an appointment to meet someone in real life.
  • If you do want to meet up, tell your parent(s) or care(s) in advance. Explain to them what your plans are. Never go out and meet someone without preparation or informing others.
  • Advertising on this site is prohibited (except the banners of sponsors). If you nevertheless see people advertising things, do not respond to it, but let us know and send an e-mail to
  • Posting surveys without our permission is not allowed.
  • If someone says something that makes you feel extremely uncomfortable, you should report this to the social webmaster. The webmaster can help you solve the problem.

Cyberpoli Kids’ visitors must behave in accordance with generally accepted rules of decency (i.e. no cursing, no bullying, no offensive or discriminating texts and no harassment). The decision as to whether certain conduct is in conflict with said rules or in conflict with the purpose and intention of this website and/or that of Stichting Artsen voor Kinderen, or whether it can potentially harm its reputation, objective and/or ideology, is at the exclusive discretion of the editors of Cyberpoli Kids, as are the measures to be taken and considered appropriate by the editors in a particular case. Cyberpoli Kids visitors are personally responsible for the content of their communications on the website.

Access data for is strictly personal. Use by third parties (e.g. disclosing your username and password to a boyfriend/girlfriend/brother/sister) is not allowed.

Cyberpoli Kids is a project by Stichting Artsen voor Kinderen. You can help us, other visitors and yourself by reporting any violations of the rules of conduct to the following e-mail address:

Rules of conduct for visitors

Rules of conduct for visitors are necessary to enable free, fair and open communication on Cyberpoli Kids and to ensure a pleasant experience for all:
  • Do not make any racist remarks.
  • Do not use offensive words and do not swear or call names.
  • Do not write entire sentences in capital letters, as others may think that you are screaming or that you are angry.
If someone does not comply with these rules, you should report this to the social webmaster. If someone is annoying, the messages are deleted or the person is banned from visiting these pages. Therefore, comply with the rules and make it a fun experience, both for yourself and for others!