For who?

Who is the Cyberpoli Kids pilot version intended for?

The pilot version is primarily intended for children and adolescents with the following four chronic disorders: diabetes, thyroid disorders, sickle cell disease and HIV. If the pilot is successful, the other disorders will also be translated into English.

Parents, brothers and sisters

Parents, brothers or sisters can, of course, visit Cyberpoli Kids Kids as well.

Pupils and students

Anyone can visit Cyberpoli Kids, without obligation, for information for a study or project or for a lecture at school. Posting surveys and questionnaires for projects and assignments is not permitted. They will be removed.

Get more out of Cyberpoli Kids!

This pilot version of Cyberpoli Kids demonstrates to what extent the different disorders are, in fact, interlinked. How much all hormones, chromosomes and organ systems affect and influence each other. This way, a visit to Cyberpoli Kids can achieve more added value.
By clicking on Topics and Disorders on the homepage, you can see how everything is interlinked. Check it out!

What can you do on Cyberpoli Kids?

  • Asking questions to various practitioners and experiential experts anonymously (soon);
  • Expanding or deepening your knowledge about your disorder;
  • View a number of interviews, medical animations and videos;
  • Exchanging experiences or just chat with other children.

Videos and medical animations on Cyberpoli Kids and via YouTube
All videos and medical animations posted on the Cyberpoli can also be found on the Stichting Artsen voor Kinderen YouTube channel. This makes them easily accessible for use during lectures at school, biology classes or other formal lectures. As things stand, most animations have not yet been translated into English. If the pilot version is successful, the other medical animations will be translated into English and a number of videos will be subtitled.

Cyberpoli Kids App

The Cyberpoli also has an App. For now, this Cyberpoli App will not be available in English.

Figures and statistics of Cyberpoli

On average, the Dutch version of the Cyberpoli attracts 80,000 visitors per month.
The Cyberpoli App has been downloaded over 4,000 times.
On average, our YouTube channel has 8,000 visitors per month (videos and medical animations).