Foundation Doctors for Children
Aims to improve the lives of children and young people living with a chronic illness or disability, by means of practical, innovative projects geared to the wishes and needs of children in the Netherlands and based on scientific research.The work of Doctors for Children shares some common ground with care and well-being and involves multiple projects. Examples include Fitkids a special fitness and exercise programme and Cyberpoli Kids an online platform where young people can find information, meet each other and ask questions (anonymously) to a panel of medical practitioners and experiential experts

Fitkids is the fitness and exercise programme in the Netherlands for children aged six to eighteen suffering from a chronic illness, disability or long-term disorder. The children train and move for a period of six to twelve months under the supervision of a (paediatric) physiotherapist. The programme is run in 170 locations all over in the country. Annually about 5000 children participate in the programme.

KLIK is a method to give a clear overview of how patients (children an their parents/caretakers and (young) adults) are doing who are being or have been treated in a hospital. On the KLIK website you can fill out questionnaires about your daily life. The answers are converted into a clear KLIK PROfile. One of the practitioners will discuss the KLIK PROfile with you. Read more About KLIK

Diabeter has a website where you will find a lot of information on diabetes. Diabeter is the specialized treatment centre for type 1 diabetes in children and young adults in the Netherlands. Not only does it want to provide good diabetes care, it also wants to make diabetes care better. Diabeter is working on a future without diabetes complications for all of our patients.